Sexy Massage Tips

Measure 1: Make some space

A soft bed may be perfect but the ideal massage sex area is level firm, and secure, which means your associate do not bounce around as you move. For maximum comfort, have your man lie down on a futon mattress or pallet of blankets and place pillows under his neck, knees, and ankles.

Step 2: Break out the oil

Massage sex oil reduces friction and makes it easier to knead, rub, and stroke your man’s tired and stressed muscles besides making your hands warm and soft. Scented oils can be erotic, “but steer away from intense fragrances, like patchouli, which get cloying,” says Steve Capellini, a licensed massage therapist in Miami and author of Massage for Dummies. Instead, attempt a light single scent and warm the bottle in a bowl of hot water.

Step 3: Create a peaceful vibe

The tickling or a lacy nightie might excite him (and you), but it can also take his focus off the deep, steady senses of your massage sex. Tie your hair back and wear clothes that are close-fitting to minimize distractions. To prevent jarring chills, drape his naked body with sheets (uncover just the body part you are working on). If you play with music, keep it soft and slow.

Step 4: Pick a place, any place

Pressed for time? Focusing on a single part of his body — actually focusing on it — may be a lot more decadent than the usual head to toe rubdown. Concentrate on that if his back is in knots. If he adores having his feet caressed, give them the royal treatment. Or make sure it remains simple: Simply ask him where he wants him to touch.

Step 5: Get hands on

To give a fantastic massage sex, all you must understand are a couple of basic moves:

  • Compression is an easy movement to amazing for a lot of and master body parts, says Inkeles. Just lay one hand flat on, say, his shoulder, press the other hand on the top of it, and rotate.
  • Stroking works wonders on areas both large (thighs and back) and little (neck and tops of feet) . Keep your fingers thumbs parallel, and palms completely contact with all the component you’re working, and make long, mild moves. Apply more pressure when stroking toward your partner’s heart, less pressure in the contrary direction.
  • Kneading is perfect for fleshy regions such as thighs, buttocks, and biceps. Squeeze and simply lift the area you’re working, with your partner’s skin in full contact with your palms.
  • Friction is performed without oil and loosens up deep muscles. Anchor the region you’re massaging with one hand, and make use of the other rub and to greatly press. With your fingertips, soles of the feet, and palms, apply friction for smaller areas such as the shoulder caps.
  • You can put all or any of these moves together in any sequence, according to how your partner reacts to each touch and what he desires. Try this routine that is basic to begin (but don’t hesitate to add your own personal touches) Have your guy lie facedown. Apply friction. Then knead thighs and his buttocks and stroke his calves. Finish off with a little bit of friction on the soles of his feet

Step 6: Focus

Intimate massage is not about perfection, so do not worry about doing it “right.” Try to keep in the moment. “The caliber of your touch is more important than technique,” says Peggy Morrison Horan, composer of Connecting Through Touch as well as a creator of the Esalen Massage Program at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. What could possibly be hotter than that?


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