Sensual Massage

The direct contact of skins during the sensual massage session creates a spiritual bond involving the masseuse and you.

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Nuru Massage

This type of erotic massage is based on the sliding body massage for the body of the customer

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Tantric Massage

Known as a historical aromatherapy massage, where oils and meditative breathing are combined with strokes

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Prostate Massage

A prostate massage includes the stimulation of the male prostate gland, which can be performed by exciting the perineum

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Massage Brings Pain Relief in Acute C...


Hospitalizations tend to be required for those people not well, needing lifesaving processes, or having a baby. While the patient care is designed to improve well-being and ensure survival of occasions that are vital, it may come in a price. Malady, tension, nervousness, sleeplessness and societal isolation is included by a few of the challenging […]

Have Persistent Headaches? Get a Mass...

Young attractive girl receiving head massage at spa resort

Persistent headaches may be debilitating. Little studies have been conducted to validate using massage therapy for managing chronic head aches though it appears intuitive that massage therapy could be a successful treatment for persistent head aches. In the research review given by the Massage Therapy Foundation of this month, we take a closer look at […]

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Alcoholics can turn in times of despair and 711, but are health spa junkies doomed into a life of handing over $150 of their hard-won cash for 60 minutes? Not thus. Here are three strategies to savor a 60 minute singapore massage for under $60. 1. Ferret out an affordable health spa Sure, there are […]

The 15 Greatest Locations for Massage...


The 15 Greatest Locations for Massage Singapore 1. Aramsa ~ The Garden Hot Tub Bentley Cheng: Attempt their facial n massage nt poor Meilissa: Internal respite massage by Jojo is the most effective!! Adelia A: Fion is amazing the best massage singapore! 2. Bath Culture Foot Treatment Liis Rosenberg: Definitely adored foot massage and my […]