Nuru Massage

Nuru massage are the most exciting massage that currently exist, although the gel special massages such as massage itself is not made with algae, present gels still have a slippery texture that is absolutely necessary to carry out this type of erotic nuru massage.

This type of erotic massage is based on the sliding body massage for the body of the customer. The Nuru massage is different from other erotic nuru massage that the person giving this type of massage not only used their hands to work on the client’s body, but uses his whole body, in this type of erotic massage, both erotic nuru massage as the person receiving the nuru massage, are naked, and the movements themselves using the masseuse required to use your whole body: legs, feet, buttocks, breasts, back … While doing different kinds of pressure, strokes, twists and techniques to wrap the body of the massaged person.

Therefore we can say that the Nuru massage is a type of massage very active, since his own person receiving the massage will be placed in certain positions the masseuse own will indicate you also therefore have to do what This person tells you. That is the big difference compared to other erotic massage is that the massaged person forms an active part in the massage itself, unlike other types of massage where massaged simply “let do”, ie in the Nuru massage will to participate in the development of the massage itself.

This makes this type of nuru massage is widely recommended for cases of people looking for a more exciting and different nuru massage, do not forget that this is one of the hottest massages offered at the centers of erotic massage.

The fact that I own masseuse is also naked, and use your whole body in order to slide adds an extra curiosity, because it is a type of feature that will not have the rest of erotic  nuru massage

Nothing beats the heat of the hands and skin contact to arouse pleasant feelings in the couple. At least that is recommended by sexologists and confirms a study by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University. Scientists advanced the research among 3,000 men and women, erotic massage aims to stimulate the nerve endings of the erogenous zones and thus produce greater pleasure, increase the bond between the couple and say relieve sexual problems.

“Apparently, these massages increase the hormones responsible for arousal and makes couples break communication barriers. In short, improve sex life, “explained University scientists involved in the study. In this most experts agree. Marina Sarmiento National University sexologist explains that “this is a sensual exercise that can lead to a good orgasm and shows that caresses and games are vital in a sexual relationship.”

He says he’s found that nuru massage can fight problems like premature ejaculation, loss of desire and anorgasmia. However, he insists that we must learn to provide them, as not all people enjoy surrendering to the hands of others and not all know how to play.

“We often play other as we would like them to us, but the idea is to give the other what she likes. Start by making a process of exploration with your partner. That confidence compenetren and discover that there are things that they might like, “Sarmiento said.

In conclusion, massage renews and promotes sexual desire, stimulates, increases the work of sex hormones responsible for arousal and orgasm. Help on the physical and emotional relaxation.

Between the neck and belly they are located the most sensitive areas of the body, around the collarbone, side, in the lower abdomen … So this area is very responsive to the touch. Circular movements throughout the area are used. The mouth is key in this nuru massage.
Caressing stimulate the energy center located behind the forehead. Reduce tensions and begin a sense of wellbeing. How to do it: with your fingers a soft trip is done from the nose to the scalp. Intensity must be varied. Do not forget the ears, very sensitive and very erotic zone.

Home to numerous erogenous zones, especially fingers and forearms. They are particularly sensitive part of the body. With upward movements touching arms and feet, which are full of nerve endings, focus on palm. Knuckles and language, large tools.

It is in this area where more tensions build. Outflanking, alternating hands, using elbows, forearm, mouth and hair activates the sensitivity of your partner. Starts sliding his hands down his back down to the buttocks. Do not forget to pass under the arms and shoulders.

Paula Kullock, author of “! Sex, Try harder” recommends some guidelines:

After choosing the location, low light intensity and put sensual music.
Place yourself next to him and knees to hips.
Begin ankle upward circular motion.
With one hand, climb back and rec├│rrela, then leave it at the waist and is queued. Then the crotch. Use your whole body, touch his back, legs, head … everything
Use an oil or gel to continue the nuru massage, always surrounding the intimate area.


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