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Because of the creation of a directory specifically for juagen singapore massage services, juagen massage has been given a new highlight as compared to before where they had to go under other directories like juagen massage parlors and FL dome, With this increased popularity, there has also been a bigger focus on different specifications for massage practitioners with jargon like HDLY (海底捞月), JG (抓根), Health Care Massage (保健推拿), Mosha (抹煞) and so on. Among these special massage service, the JG (抓根) id most popular in Singapore.

Juagen singapore Is additionally called Manhood massage with a lengthy history plus it’s not totally legal in many states, including in Singapore. It is an energy work plans towards chi and increased blood flow (sexual energy) flow. Sexual energy plays vital function in supporting our physical and mental functions and enhancing well-being.
The Massage Parlors that offer Manhood Massage(Juagen singapore)

Individuals who want to take pleasure in the massage services frequently find themselves being offered “extras” by juagen singapore massage parlors, including complete sexual services. The girls employed in these juagen massage stores are called masseuses(massage technicians), in reality are hookers, a number of them are available outside those unlicensed massage parlors waiting customers on the road. The massage technicians who are able to perform Juagen singapore massage is generally range in age. The price ranges between 50 and 100 SGD.

The Massage Techniques (Juagen Singapore)

Through the pressing points, there would be some pain. It could likewise include then relieving the penis back and massaging it till close to the stage of cumming. Through the massaging, the fingers will repeatedly stroke the veins of your dick as you feel a rush of blood to your own head that is small.

Massaging the sexual organ (member) has a double function. One is a kind of reflexology liver, spleen- heart, lungs and pancreas. The other would be to reshape the member over time to the wanted ‘mushroom’ contour. The entire juagen singapore massage to the lower abdomen, inner thigh and crotch region would efficiently encourage the blood flow, which brings nourishment to organ and the sexual glands. In once activating the nerves that are various finishes encompassing organ and the regions.

It’s intensive and less general, and advantages other areas of the entire body, rather than only the lingam.Cultivate guy’s sexual energy which in turn re-energizes the body, boosts cells regeneration to slow down aging and improves the immune system.

The prostate as well as being an essential for male sexual and reproductive system gland, is a center of erotic pleasure that deserves more careful attention. Those who practice sacred sexuality – such as Tantra and Taoism – claim that the prostate is capable of generating a totally different male orgasm that occurs through the penis.

There are physical and emotional differences between the two types of orgasm.

Orgasm with the penis tends to be strong and explosive, but ends quickly, while prostate orgasm is more expansive and sustained, may simply be a wave of pleasure in which we sailed for several minutes without beginning or end accurate. However, words are not enough to explain something better experience for yourself.

The first recommendation is to begin to explore this subtle erogenous zone with a sensual juagen singapore massage that lets you open up to this new way of feeling pleasure from your prostate. The next exercise is inspired by prostate massage proposed by the Taoist master Mantak Chia:

Prostate massage step by step

1. The person receiving the juagen singapore massage your back with your legs slightly apart, knees bent and the soles of the feet resting lie. Close your eyes if you want, and if you feel that there is confidence and good emotional connection with your partner can look into her eyes. Begins to inspire and deeply expire.

2. The person giving the juagen singapore massage is internally connected with his heart and energy center below the navel.

Then rub your hands to activate the energy and heat in them. Begin to inhale and exhale in unison with your partner.

3. Lift gently the penis and testicles to clear the perineum, which is between the scrotum and anus. Trace gentle circles in that area for a few minutes in one direction and then the other.

4. Then press the perineum slightly inwardly of the pelvis. Do this movement several times. Then press more firmly inward, pushing rhythmically. Observe the reactions of your partner and ask him to tell you what is finding it pleasant and what you should ask cause inconvenience or discomfort.

5. Before performing the following steps, ask your partner permission to touch his anus. If you do not feel comfortable with this, then the exercise would end there. But if he wishes to continue, they can decide to use latex gloves – or latex protective fingers – for hygiene and safety during contact. Remember, this juagen singapore massage is a form of anal sex, and you can also practice safe way. It is important that nails are short and filed not to hurt the delicate skin of the anus.

6. Before stroking the external area of ​​the anus, gently touching other sensitive areas such as the abdomen, inner thighs, testicles and penis. Do not stop at any particular area, with gentle movements, but they make contact with the skin. The idea is to climb a little excitement level of your partner.

7. When you notice signs of sexual, such as deep breathing and signs of arousal erection, then proceeds to make gentle circles with your finger around the anus, without penetrating, just a little to stimulate that area and make your purchase companion confidence and relax before those caresses. You can moisten your fingers in a lubricant or  juagen singapore massage oil that can be used on the genitals externally and internally, ie, vagina and anus. You can get this type of product in a sex shop.

8. Next, still occasionally stimulating the penis and testicles of your partner, and if the excitement continues, gently introduces one of your fingers (index finger may be) in your anus. Make sure that there is sufficient lubrication on your finger to slide it gently inward.

9. If all goes well for your partner, enter your finger a little farther (about three centimeters), and cúrvalo to his abdomen, that is, toward the front wall of the rectum. There you will find the prostate, which is similar to a chestnut, between 3 and 5 cm circular shape. Stroke gently in all her borders, now you can play it with a little more intensity. Also try to insert and remove your finger from the anus at different speeds, to also stimulate nerve endings all around him. Remember that both the year as the prostate are very sensitive to sexual arousal.

10. Follow juagen singapore massage while your partner enjoys it and you enjoy giving pleasure. When you feel it’s time to finish the juagen singapore massage, get your finger completely, and place the palm of your hand on the anus and perineum for about 5 minutes. Both remain silent and his eyes closed. This gesture comes from the techniques of sacred sexuality, and love means to seal the gateway to the ecstasy that we opened through juagen singapore massage. At close, we are showing respect for the body and the emotional intimacy of our colleague.



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