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For several decades we have heard frequently that people go to different places to relax, take therapies, massage or a body treatment, and it is in these centers, known as spas, where therapies, treatments and relaxing activities that help offered that people are perfectly well with their being.

We’ve heard a lot about these places, but very few people know what this term really means and what specific offer these centers.

What is a SPA?

A SPA is a place where therapies, treatments and relaxing activities are offered.

What is the meaning of SPA?

Meaning SPA
SPA stands for “Salutem per Aqua”, from the Latin term meaning “health through water” and that is why many centers and institutions have adopted this name because of the many services that can be offered with the help the vital liquid.

What services are offered in a spa?

Services of a spa
Today, the spa’s facilities offer therapies called water which contains mineral-medicinal properties. Mostly from natural ponds and are contained in pools, hot tubs, saunas and bathtubs, so people go regularly to such places to rest, relax and have various treatments that help you improve both your spirit and energy as body image.
Functions of a SPA

One of the therapies which focus most are the spa’s water circuit, since these are the main base of these establishments. In them you can combine different treatments for skin, body and even the soul.

A hydrotherapeutic circuit is a water-based processes in which they can use their three natural state (liquid, solid and gas) and obviously also to different climates, in order to increase, decrease or maintain the temperature used for a treatment that is combined with this technique. It also helps prepare the skin of people for better results with the treatments applied.

Within hydrotherapy people can receive endless aromatherapy that help you feel comforted and thus transfer them to your ideal mood massage services singapore, facials, body treatments and a.

Type of therapies offered at a spa

Therapies that can be found on a SPA and complement the stay in these centers are:

-Massage Services Singapore Therapy
-Alternative treatments in a SPA
-Alternative treatments SPA
-Alternative treatments of SPA are not only water-based, it is also easy to find a full range of options in those places.

Some of the alternative techniques can be found in a spa are:

-Accommodation of farms
-Beauty treatments
-Wrap treatments
-Firming treatments
-Oxygen therapies
Each of these therapies has specific characteristics, which cover the needs of each client.

Dream to go to a SPA

People ideal for any of these treatments are those that feel the need to forget about everyday and often lead busy lives, and that is why such places usually are surrounded of the main elements that nature provides, for man, feeling in contact with it, makes you reach your faster and better way balance.

Urgently in need to find a massage services singapore however do not have enough hours in the day? Express treatments would be the strategy to use. Here are six of our favourite places.


Centrally situated at Robertson Quay, Natureland does a 30-minute 4-in-1 treatment ideal for a crisis relaxation session. It covers prices $38, shoulder, neck and hands and your head. It’s possible for you to elect to get it done on a chair or lying down. Plus, there are not any oils included without needing a shower, in order to dive back into your time.


There are a few excellent short-time massage services singapore. An excellent alternative is their 10-minute shoulder massage services singapore($15) where the therapists make use of the acupressure methods to unknot and enhance the circulation of blood all around the body.

The Health Spa Artisan

Forget that double shot Americano and choose for this 60-minute Knead and Snooze session.

Damai Spa

This luxury health spa offers a few of 40-minute treatments. There is the scalp to shoulder massage services singapore which uses hot stones to warm up and release muscle tension and then there is the soothing neck to back massage that relieves pains and targets your trouble regions. Or, if you are only urgently in need for some shuteye, their rest system includes a 15-minute sleep inducing massage and followed by 25 minutes of slumber. All the treatments cost $75.

This Tiong Bahru hotspot forgoes the regular Zen look to get a raw, industrial tasteful, replete with concrete floors, wooden cartons that are raw and steel container walls. It may not seem like your typical health spa but do not write them away just yet. It is worth attempting their 45-minute ($64) back to back massage services singapore that is fundamentally a Balinese fashion massage that covers your shoulder, neck and legs.

St Gregory Spa

The fifth house of the award winning resort health spa chain is at Pan Pacific Orchard and it is a tranquil and earthy space. The health spa boasts an extensive spa menu of over 40 treatments though it is little.

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