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Massage is one of the most ancient methods for physical and mental relaxation. In the society in which we live it is that it is not usual barely time to breathe, let alone to relax daily. A simple and gentle massage in singapore when you get home after a tiring day, you can be the ideal way to relieve the physical stress of the daily grind, but also to unwind and take the time to clear your mind.

The aim of this paper is to give some very basic information about what to do to give a massage, but above all, be clear about what not to do. It is not that you become masseurs reading this, but simply to find a nice way to relax with friends.
Preparation massage
The important thing here is not the massage itself, but the situation created around relaxation massage. It is therefore important that the environment is quiet, friendly, no distractions. Ideally, use soft lighting and relaxing music. Better it is instrumental, as the voice could distract, although this is to everyone’s taste.
Place everything you might need to hand towels, napkins, creams, oil. It would be great to leave the phone disconnected. If we can not make a full, rather than the mobile phone off and the house are close to not having to go far if we interrupt a call. Maintain a comfortable temperature in the room, bearing in mind that the person receiving the massage can have greater feeling of cold giver.

Massage need for items such as towels to cover the areas that we are not massaging and avoid cold feeling, napkins to wipe excess cream or oil and, according to our preference, cream or massage oil. The moisturizing cream can be any type (body milk). It has the advantage that it is easy to dose, not too slick and absorbed through the skin with ease. The oil is convenient to massage that is absorbed more slowly, which can use very little to cover a very wide area. However it is more slippery, more stain and easier going over and apply too much, so little hands started slide too much and may be conducted maneuvers. My advice is to start using oil cream and leave for later, when we have more practical (although everyone can use what suits you).

We will focus on the cervical region and shoulder, which most often appear daily overload due to fatigue. For a massage at home, but there will be the temptation to do lying down, sitting recommend it done. Lying will be nice for those who receives massage in singapore (if using pads to achieve a comfortable position to lie). It is easier to unwind and get away, but it will be an uncomfortable position for the masseuse, who then end up being who needs a massage. I think you better start doing massage sitting at a table. The chair should be comfortable and fixed (no wheels) with low-back to allow the masseur go to the back and neck. Use pillows, cushions and whatever it takes to achieve a comfortable position. The person receiving the massage should test the position a few minutes to make sure it’s really comfortable. There are positions that seem comfortable but tired after a few minutes. We must prevent this from happening.

2 Better Than 1

We are unsure regarding the name–sounds like a Spice Girls melody that is discarded –but this treatment is focused on flowery sweetness. Orange flower, Rose and jasmine oils are mixed together to get a massage in singapore that concentrates on the things they assert are your chakras that were hot.

$600 for 120 minutes W Singapore Sentosa Cove, at Away Resort

A Chocolatier Event

Roses and chocolate might be the most cheesy combo? They begin having a white chocolate body scrub, place you in a steamy and hot red then top it off having a dark chocolate routine massage in singapore and deep tissue; all in a VIP couple suite. Accessible February 1-28.
$388 at Ikeda Spa for 120 minutes

Finest of Buddies

For people who do not want a partner to make them happy on Valentine’s Day, this bundle for BFFs contains the trademark of Damai and fitting facials orchid essence massage in singapore. They will also throw from the Grand Hyatt pool in a wholesome lunch at Oasis.
$750 at Damai Spa for 180 minutes

Senja Sunyi Couple’s Rite

For something tropical, this bundle begins using a an energizing kaffir lime bath and plum blossom scrub, a Senja Sunyi massage in singapore–a mix of Javanese and Chinese massage fashions–and a peony.
$688 at Auriga Spa for 150 minutes

Health Spa by Nighttime

Take your pick from odor oil massage , Swedish massage in singapore or a cucumber body scrub at Spa Botanica, then spend the remaining day frolicking across the Spa Garden, which has lots of small pools, waterfalls, mazes as well as a tea garden to play in, before a four-course dinner in The Garden

Accessible Feb 13-15.
$556 at Spa Botanica for 60 minutes

Suite Love Story

This is it in case you want to splurge. Using a soothing foot treat, you start off in an exclusive couple’s suite, followed by a soak in the bath and vanilla and honey sugar scrub. Lastly, there is the full body massage in singapore with frankincense, mandarin and ginger essential oils that are blended. We enjoy the mix of spice and sugar


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