Sensual Massage

The direct contact of skins during the sensual massage session creates a spiritual bond involving the masseuse and you.

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Nuru Massage

This type of erotic massage is based on the sliding body massage for the body of the customer

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Tantric Massage

Known as a historical aromatherapy massage, where oils and meditative breathing are combined with strokes

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Prostate Massage

A prostate massage includes the stimulation of the male prostate gland, which can be performed by exciting the perineum

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Express Spas in Singapore


For several decades we have heard frequently that people go to different places to relax, take therapies, massage or a body treatment, and it is in these centers, known as spas, where therapies, treatments and relaxing activities that help offered that people are perfectly well with their being. We’ve heard a lot about these places, […]

Manhood Massage

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Manhood massage is a routine maintainance of male sexual organ, this can be the main part of the body. Manhood massage help to release trapped air and also to encourage appropriate and better blood flow to the region, remove unwanted toxin throughout the region. As to keep good performance, this place is required around by […]

Lingam Massage


Lingam is the scared word the ancient Indians used for the male penis It symbolizes , divine energy that is pure. The Lingam is the centre of each and every man’s sexuality, as well as the origin of a guy’s creative energies. The Lingam massage is just not performed with an objective that’s firmly orgasm-oriented, […]

Nuru Massage


Nuru massage are the most exciting massage that currently exist, although the gel special massages such as massage itself is not made with algae, present gels still have a slippery texture that is absolutely necessary to carry out this type of erotic nuru massage. This type of erotic massage is based on the sliding body […]

Prostate Massage

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What about having a dynamic, “vigorous” prostate massage? Sounds just like a wholesome action to do, does not it? Lots of men and women become confused after reading about the allegedly great ramifications of drainage or vigorous massage at various periphery sites dedicated to the main topic of prostatitis. One web site states: As an […]

Tantric Massage


Just like the phrase Tantra, there are lots of mistakes and abuses of the term “tantra massage”. Obviously there are folks calling their massage “tantra massage singapore” and doing just this, and therefore it’s not completely surprising because of this widespread idea!! Tantra is a vast and complete life path of spiritual awakening. Early tantric […]

Male Massage Singapore

Close-up of an attractive man having a back massage

The boom in our health spa business has seen a spate of places that appeal to girls with indulgent pampering services. But, for the intrepid man, it appears like there are not many health spa services catering especially to guys. Below are a few of the areas in which a man could possibly get even […]

Sensual Massage


What’s Sensual Massage That is a question I frequently get asked. “is it a suitable massage”? The reply is occasionally and yes. A sensual massage singapore, such as a tantric massage, is given using a true awareness of closeness and attention and calls for deliberate arousal of the body. They can be both mental and […]

24hours Spas in Singapore


Rule of Thumb Situated near Haji Lane, this comfy spa has facial treatments and body massages, mani and pedi services as well as the normal foot. The non-spa treatments occur in a room lined with luxurious sofa beds where you watch a film while receiving your treatment and can also borrow a headset. Costs here […]

Couple Spas in Singapore

Close up of man and woman getting massage together, on romantic holiday at the spa.

Massage is one of the most ancient methods for physical and mental relaxation. In the society in which we live it is that it is not usual barely time to breathe, let alone to relax daily. A simple and gentle massage in singapore when you get home after a tiring day, you can be the […]